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Established in 1985, Intusoft designs and markets today's leading analog and mixed-signal design automation tools, backing each product with the industry's most extensive service and support program. Intusoft furnishes its customers with a one-stop resource for their simulation tool needs by providing award-winning and time-tested products, service, documentation, and technical publications. Its solutions are cost effective and customer driven, also strengthened by a collection of solid partnerships with technological companies and industry leaders. Intusoft has furnished its wealth of customers and engineers more than 50,000 copies of the ICAP/4 design, simulation and powerful fault & test software for Windows platforms.

Intusoft prides itself as not only the premier supplier of high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use design software, but also maintains an unparalleled standard in its service, support and product reliability. Our technology partners think so too. Recognized companies such as Mentor Graphics, PADS, SiSoft, and National Semiconductor use Intusoft's simulation technology as part of their own software offering.

Below is a table containing the purchasable bundles (across the top) and the options contained in the bundles (down the left) with a link to more information about the option.

RF DeluxePower DeluxeProfessionalTest DesignerPower Supply DesignerMagnetics Designer
Test Designerx
Magnetics Designerxx
RF Deluxe Optionxxx
Power Deluxe Optionxxxx
Library Managerxxxx

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Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Simulation Package

The basic package consists of:

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Simulates and Associates Faults in Your Circuit Automatically

Test Designer simulates all faults in your circuit automatically, and uses the results to build a fault tree that detects the faults and isolates them to groups of replaceable components. Fault tree generation is the heart of the Test Designer technology.

Features the ICAP/4 Professional premiere analog and mixed-signal solution (below), and adds the industry's only full test and fault synthesis for analog and mixed-signal design. Includes automated fault tree and isolation strategies. Also generates detailed test coverage reports. Applicable for all types of system, IC, and board-level design.

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Transformer and Inductor Design

Magnetics Designer is a Software Option that helps you design all types of layer (and sector/split bobbin, Version 4.1.0) wound transformers and inductors. Typical design applications include high frequency switching regulator transformers and output chokes for off-line full-wave and forward converters, 60 Hz single phase line transformers, AC inductors, planar magnetics, and 400 Hz aircraft transformers. Virtually any single phase, layer wound, inductors or transformers from 10Hz to over 5MHz can be synthesized with Magnetics Designer.

Magnetics Designer produces a complete transformer or inductor design based upon electrical specifications including a winding sheet report and a SPICE-compatible model with parasitics. A database with thousands of cores and a wide variety of materials and wire is included. In addition, you can add your own cores, wire, and material information using a supplied Excel©; spreadsheet. Core vendors such as TDK, Magnetics, Philips, Thomson, Micrometals, Siemens, Kaschke, Ferrite International, VAC, and Fair-Rite are represented. You can use formvar, square or double square magnet wire, Litz wire, pcb traces, or foil. Specialized wire types like those used in planar magnetics can also be added. The program predicts magnetizing and leakage inductance, interwinding capacitance, peak flux density, DC winding resistance, high frequency AC resistance (including proximity effects and skin effect), copper loss (both AC and DC), core loss, weight, temperature rise, layer fill, and window fill percentage.

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The SPICE Modeling Spreadsheet

SpiceMod, the SPICE modeling spreadsheet, gives you the power to create an unlimited number of SPICE models for thousands of semiconductors. With SpiceMod, you won't have to curtail or eliminate your simulation activities because you don't have a model, you won't have to spend countless frustrating hours learning the intricacies of SPICE model parameters, and you won't have to make any laboratory measurements. All you need is the manufacturer's data sheet and just a few minutes of your time.

SpiceMod produces accurate models that can be used with any Berkeley SPICE compatible program. File storage is in an ASCII format insuring easy file transfer and editing. Nothing is hidden. All models and subcircuits are available for viewing and editing. And because model development is so streamlined, you can develop minimum, maximum, typical or worst case libraries to cover all of your simulation needs.

SpiceMod is integrated with ICAP/4, Intusoft analog and mixed signal simulation system. The models and subcircuits created in SpiceMod can be stored in .LIB files. This allows all the models to be immediately used in your SpiceNet schematics and IsSpice circuit simulations.

A comprehensive set of test circuits is included (SpiceNet schematics, IsSpice netlists, plus hardcopy documentation and instructions). They can be used to characterize and evaluate your models, providing feedback on the accuracy of the model and directions on what areas of the model may be tweaked for greater accuracy. The circuits will allow your SPICE program to produce the same curves and graphs seen in manufacturer's data sheets.

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This is a special SPICE model library for those users performing simulations at or above 200 MHz. It contains custom designed subcircuit models for 600+ different RF devices including bipolar transistors, PIN diodes, FETS, MMICs, and RF beads.

The RF library allows any SPICE program to simulate high frequency circuits using linear and nonlinear AC, DC, and Transient analyses. A capability not available before because of the lack of quality subcircuit based models. If your RF models are only using the standard Gummel-Poon BJT model then you need this library. All models are characterized up to their published s-parameter data. See a partial listing of the over 600 models in the RF Device Library (Text file), v3.0.

The deluxe bundle also contains some additional Vendor Supplied IC/Op-Amp Libraries and a Power Supply SPICE Cookbook.

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Intusoft has introduced a SPICE model library for power supply designers. It is the first SPICE library to contain a comprehensive set of switching level models for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ICs. The library represents a major breakthrough for SMPS designers. Previous models were based almost exclusively on state space average models which don’t show many important nonlinear effects. The library does include a unique "unified" state space PWM model which works for AC, DC, and transient analyses in continuous and discontinuous modes. However, the switching level models give designers a capability they have never had before; the ability to plug in a model, representative of the actual IC, and simulate the transient switching performance accurately and realistically. See a listing of the over 450 models in the Power Designer Library (Text file).

The deluxe bundle also contains some additional Vendor Supplied IC/Op-Amp Libraries and a Power Supply SPICE Cookbook.

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DSP Designer Link from Intusoft - June 9, 2009
Please be aware that the groundbreaking product for the simulation and firmware programming of DSP and digital control is now available.

More detailed information can be found here.

Here is a great reference for Tool Comparison - Sept 2008

Upgrade ICAP/4 to Version 8.x.11 build 3090 - Sept 2007
Intusoft has upgraded their ICAP V8.x.11 to the new build of 3090. Feel free to check out the enhancements in this version and to download the new version from their website using your Product Serial Number.

Watch Some Intusoft Movies - Feb 13, 2002
Intusoft has made available 10 demo movies (9.07 MB exe) for basic ICAP 4 commands such as adding attributes, manipulating components, and wiring up parts.

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