External link opens in new tab or windowIntusoft offers a full set of tools for Analog, Digital and Mixed circuits allowing schematic capture simulation, debugging and analysis of your project.
Intusoft may be the only company, worldwide, to continue developments around the SPICE kernel and, every year, to patent algorithms or techniques improving accuracy or reducing simulation time.

Intusoft provides the most professional mixed signal simulation package available on PC with workstation capabilities, at PC price.

It offers a complete design and analysis package which features schematic entry, IsSpice4 (the native analog and mixed signal simulator), extensive device libraries, and powerful waveform processing including scripting capabilities, all integrated in one easy-to-use interactive environment.

ICAP/4 is called "The Virtual Circuit Design Lab" because it can simulate all types of system, board, and IC level designs right on your computer.

The design can contain mixed mode circuits, sampled data systems and mixed technology (electrical, mechanical, physical, etc.) elements - all within the same simulation, and all using a top-down simulation methodology

The Intusoft family of products:

Test Designer

ICAP/4 Professional

Power Supply Designer

ICAP/4 Power Deluxe

ICAP/4 RF Deluxe

ICAP/4 Windows

Magnetics Designer


  • Test Designer – Features the ICAP/4 Professional premiere analog and mixed-signal solution (below), and adds the industry’s only full test and fault synthesis for analog and mixed-signal design. Includes automated fault tree and isolation strategies. Also generates detailed test coverage reports. Applicable for all types of system, IC, and board-level design.
  • ICAP/4 Professional – Intusoft’s foremost analog and mixed-signal solution, including a fully integrated hierarchical and configurable schematic entry system (SpiceNet),complete set of interactive simulation & verification applications
  • ICAP/4 Windows – An extensive SPICE toolset for analog and mixed-signal design.
  • ICAP/4 Windows RF/Power Deluxe – Combination of the Power and RF ICAP products
  • Power Supply Designer – Combines the ICAP/4Windows Power Deluxe tool suite and Magnetics Designer for the design and synthesis of all types of transformers and inductors; and Library Manager parts management system.